Self Managed Super Funds

Self managed super funds (SMSF’s) are now the largest and fastest growing segment of the super industry.

A SMSF is also known as a DIY Super Fund. You run, invest and manage your own super whilst you’re working and through to retirement.

At Spectrum Financial we can help you establish and maintain a self managed super fund that is ready to use.

We can:

✔ Establish your SMSF’s trust deed
✔ Complete and lodge your ATO application forms 
✔ Organise rollovers from your current Superannuation 
✔ Establish a cash management account in your SMSF’s name
✔ Complete binding death nomination forms that provide guidance on how members want their assets distributed.

We also provide an investment strategy for your SMSF that complies with all current legislation. For more information on how to establish a SMSF :-

How to establish a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)
How to establish a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Is a Self Managed Super Fund Right for you?

Spectrum Financial has a dedicated team of accountants, financial advisers and lending specialists to guide and help demystify the sometimes complex nature of self managed superannuation.

You can benefit from a full spectrum of SMSF services including:

✔ SMSF Set Up And Advice
✔ Wealth Creation Strategies
✔ Wealth Protection
✔ Property Investment Advice
✔ Ongoing Advice
✔ Yearly Taxation Compliance
✔ Estate Planning

Do you want to:

  • Have more control over your Future?
  • Minimise Tax?
  • Improve your Retirement Outcomes?
  • Create Family Wealth?
  • Leave a Lasting Legacy?

Self Managed Superannuation Features

A Self Managed Superannuation Fund is a long term tax concessional savings arrangement, as is any other type of regulated superannuation. The rules are designed to ensure Fund assets are accumulated for the member’s retirement or earlier in the event of permanent disability or dependants in the case of premature death.

SMSF Features

The benefits of running your own SMSF include:

Full Control
With guidance from Spectrum Financial, you, the trustee, take responsibility for managing the self managed superfund. You manage the investment strategy and investment process. Hence, you decide the investments for the superfund and the timing to make those investments. You are in a unique position to create a superannuation investment portfolio that meets your exact needs.

Investment Choice
The Trustee/s determines and implements the investment strategy with the assistance of a specialist adviser. This can include a range of funds, shares, property and collectables.

Tax Benefits
Like other superannuation funds, self managed super funds offer significant tax benefits to individuals who choose to save in this type of structure. As the rate of taxation is lower than personal income tax rates, your money held in superannuation grows at a quicker rate.

The rules governing self managed super funds inherently provide the members with significant flexibility that is not available to other superannuation funds. In addition to the flexibility that results in tax benefits, a self managed superfund may acquire business real property from a member or other related party of the fund.

Fund Structure

This structure provides you as the Trustee peace of mind to structure and control your superannuation investment portfolio. Our ‘in-house’ expertise, built up over many years, ensures professional advice and peace of mind.

SMSF Fund Structure

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